Championing the power of skin safe
Advanced Hypochlorous Technology

A game-changer in skin cleansing technology

Clinisept+ is a special skin product that uses a powerful but gentle solution to clean and protect your skin from germs.

It is safe for your skin because it has a balanced pH and won't cause irritation, allergies, or damage to your skin cells. This is a unique combination of benefits that has not been available before.

Clinisept+ is popular in different fields like medicine, skincare, and beauty because it helps to prevent complications and improve results. Clinisept+ is also vegan-friendly, and it is produced without testing on animals.

How does Clinisept+ achieve this?

Most cleaning products are harmful to our skin and the environment because they kill germs using toxic chemicals.

However, Clinisept+ is an alternative that is much safer for the skin. It uses an oxidising method which is more effective in removing germs while being gentle. It has a skin neutral pH, no alcohol or harmful chemicals, and is even safe for re-growing skin cells.

Clinisept+ creates a clean and pure environment that helps your skin heal faster and naturally.

How has this breakthrough been possible?

Although the antimicrobial and skin-safe qualities of hypochlorous have been extensively published for over 100 years, manufacturing high purity hypochlorous has remained a challenge. The predominant method of manufacturing has been that of electrolysis which has evolved little for a century and delivers only low purity solutions which compromise safety and efficacy.

Clinical Health technologies has developed a completely new method of manufacturing hypochlorous which produces a solution of far higher purity than has previously been possible – proven by independent molecular analysis. The result is a solution of far better safety, efficacy and stability which renders our chemistry fully viable in a wide range of medical, healthcare and skincare applications. Clinisept+ is that product.

Clinisept+ is manufactured under ISO 22716 (GMP) and ISO 13485 Medical Device accreditation.


Traditional skin cleansing chemistries rely on high concentrations to achieve effective microbial control. However because of their toxic nature these can often cause skin sensitisation and irritation. They are also subject to microbial resistance. By comparison, Clinisept+ is so effective that it can be used in far lower concentrations to achieve superior cleansing and microbial control: it has a required contact time of only 15 seconds and, because of its oxidising method of action, it is not subject to antimicrobial resistance. However, unlike traditional chemistries, Clinisept+ is also completely skin compatible: it has a skin neutral pH, is non-irritant, non-sensitising and non-cytotoxic.